What happens if I need to cancel?

Thank you for your interest in Cooperstown Baseball Rentals. We have been renting homes and apartments to baseball families for over 20 years.  We truly enjoy what we do, providing comfortable accommodations full of wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. 

With all the unknowns of the pandemic, there are uncertainties for both the guest and the host. We understand and sympathize with the difficulty this creates for guests looking to make a reservation far into the future, not only for baseball tournaments, but for all travel.  This has brought about several adjustments in the hospitality industry - worldwide, nationwide and even on a local level, as travelers and businesses alike try to navigate the "new normal".

For 2021, we have taken steps to relax our cancellation policy as we continue to remain in line with local industry standards, as well as offer new travel insurance/assurance products to provide our guests with additional peace of mind when making their reservations. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have and look forward to having you as our guest in 2021.


Cancellation Policy 

1. If we receive a cancellation notice 30 or more days prior to the reserved date of arrival, a Cancellation Fee equal to 10% of the Full Rental Fee will be retained.

2. If we receive a cancellation notice less than 30 days prior to the reserved date of arrival, there will be no refund


Optional Trip Insurance/Assurance Coverage:

With COVID-19 now a "known" entity, both the host and the traveler are taking a risk when making or accepting a reservation far into the future - a risk we feel must be shared. We know how uncertain everything is right now and are doing the best we can to be fair and open with our guests, while looking to protect the interests of our guests as well as our own livelihood.

NEW for 2021, we are offering Insurance/Assurance options that can be purchased to cover the unfortunate need to cancel your trip.  They are outlined below: 

  1. Tournament Cancellation Assurance - Available only to guests that book directly with Cooperstown Baseball Rentals.  This can only be purchased at time of booking.  This option will give the traveler a 100% refund of the accommodation rental fees paid to date only if a tournament week is canceled by the ballpark. (5% of rental fee*) Read more... 
  2. Standard Travel Insurance - Play Travel Protection from Rental Guardian. This insurance will protect the guest against cancellations resulting from medical and other trip-related problems. (7% of rental fee*) Read more...
  3. CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) Insurance - Play Travel Protection from Rental Guardian. This insurance offers a broader coverage and is one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced products in travel.   Protects your vacation up to 100% for covered reasons like illness, injury, natural disasters, travel delays and more. You also cancel for a reason not listed in the policy and be eligible for a 60% reimbursement. Only available to US residents (excluding NY, NH, and WA state residents) and must be used 3 days or more before arrival. (9.8% of rental fee*) Read more...


* rates are estimates and subject to change.  These products may be changed or the offer withdrawn at any time.